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USA Pro Challenge

It’s here!  That time of year again when the USA Pro Challenge rolls into the high country and comes charging down through the foothills and into the delightful mayhem of downtown Denver. IMG_8339

The Feedback Sports Crew is drawn to most any cycling event like moths to a flame.  But this one is extra special to us because it’s on our “home turf”.  And nothing is better than watching the sport you love in your own backyard, on the roads we’ve all ridden (and suffered on).  The USA Pro Challenge gives us all that PLUS we get the advantage of seeing our products in action behind the scenes. IMG_8322

If you get an opportunity to stroll through the team tents, keep an eye out for Feedback Sports.  You’ll see our A-frames and Rakks holding precious cargo, both before and after the races.  You’ll see the Professional Team Mechanics using our signature Sprint Work-stand.  They make any task that would take a mere mortal seem simple, with an elegant flair.


As our Tech-Specialist, Eric Hockman (who previously wrenched for Shimano Multi-Service) noted from his experience with : “Race mechanics have a limited amount of time to both diagnose and fix any issues at hand.  The crazy thing is, there are an infinite amount of issues with a finite amount of time to handle them.”  We highly suggest you take a few minutes to watch the commorodity and organized chaos that goes into the gorgeous precision of every stage of this fantastic race.  You won’t be sorry.

Need a little more incentive to stray off the beaten path of the race route?   Just for funsies: If you can catch us, our van, our tents, or our products in action during the rest of this race, tag us and you could win a black Rakk used by Team DRAPAC at the USA Pro Challenge.  IMG_9582

And finally,  it may be be titled “The USA Pro Challenge”, but here at Feedback we like to call it “The Colorado Classic”.  That’s right.  We call em’ like we see em’.



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The Copper Triangle

Our latest blog was written by our Eastern Sales Manager, Sammy Rutherford.  Sammy recently represented Feedback Sports at the 10th Annual Copper Triangle.  Read below to find out why so many riders make this an annual summer cycling tradition–including the gentleman who won our Classic Work Stand in the raffle who came from St. Louis, MO!
This year Rocky Mountain Events organizers Scott Harris & Scott Olmstead celebrated their 10th anniversary of the Copper Triangle. I’ve had the privilege of representing Feedback Sports by working this fun expo and riding the spectacular course the last six years in a row!! This is hands down one of the prettiest summer cycling routes through the Colorado mountains put on by a top notch crew. Events like these really allow our products to shine.  You’ll see our products in use all over; from the Pro Elite work/wash stands at the aid stations to our A-frames offering easy bike parking all throughout the expo.  There’s a reason this event runs silky smooth from start to finish.

Over the years, our partnership has only deepened as this event has flourished. Having great, local partners there (such as Colorado Cyclist) as well as supporting worthy causes like The Davis Phinney Foundation are both huge parts of what FBS is proud to represent…the true spirit of cycling at all levels and at its best!!

One of my favorite aspects of this event are simply the people.  I can always count on seeing and catching up with great friends–seeing how their summer is going. Plus there is the added bonus of getting to ride alongside high caliber athletes like Bob Roll, Dave Wiens, and Chris Carmichael to name a few…you just never know who’s gonna show up!!

If you haven’t done the Copper Triangle, make sure you put it on your list!! You won’t be disappointed.