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2016: Mud, Snow, Bacon and Magic!

Every year around this time, most people are getting ready to wrap things up.  For many of us, the new year holds an air of undefined, magical promise.  We set goals, we plan trips, we make resolutions, and we delight in wondering what 2016 may bring! But for those of us who adhere to the cyclocross calendar, this is when the record skips.  Yes, 2015 may be wrapping up, but the cyclocross season will not be dismantled, boxed up and put away until January 10th, 2016. That Sunday marks the end of Cx Nationals, and therefore is what we like to think of as “the proper end” to the year.


We don’t make the rules.  We just ride by them. If you really want to argue the validity of the cyclocross calendar, take it up with USAC–where if you have a December birthday, your “cross age” is 2 years older than you really are for the majority of the racing season.  It’s a little “Alice in Wonderland”-crazy. One could make the comparison that it’s just as crazy as the mud and snow we ride in or the people who give bacon hand-ups while heckling words of encouragement.  We embrace that sort of crazy with open arms.


All of us at Feedback Sports consider ourselves very lucky in that our work often coincides with where and how we like to play. So next week when the rest of the world is coming back from winter break and “going back to work”, we will be at Cx Nationals in Asheville, NC.  And if you guessed that we’re a little bit excited, you’d be right.  Even more so than usual. Because in addition to racing, this year we’re the official USAC Trainer Sponsor! Click here to witness our excitement. 

This means we’ve assembled and boxed up 40 or so of our newest product–the Omnium Portable Trainer to introduce it to our cyclocross family. Well, really the Omnium’s lead product engineer, Will Allen did all the work. We mostly watched and offered to hold the tape gun, but that’s beside the point. The point is, they are on their way right this minute!!  On Monday we’ll be setting them up and getting them ready for anyone and everyone that wants a proper race warm-up!

If you’re going to Nationals, you HAVE to come by the warm-up tent and say ‘hello’.  It’s a rule–you read it, you have to do it.  Plus we’ve packed treats. And even though you may be “treated-out” after the Holidays, everyone knows that 4 days into the “normal non-cx calendar year” means it’s okay to eat things like that again. If you aren’t attending Nationals, don’t fret.  We’ll have a social media presence that will rival Ryan Seacrest in Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve.

You won’t miss a thing.  Including the Omniums.  Sure the attendants in Asheville will get quite a sneak preview, but ask your local bike shop right around that time and chances are they’ll have one you can “ooooh and ahhh” over. And trust us.  That’s exactly the response you’re likely to have.  Riding the Omnium is like nothing you’ve felt before…except perhaps riding your own bike on the road. Precisely how we designed it.

And though we adhere to the cyclocross calendar, we also acknowledge the “traditional (albeit, less fun) calendar” as well.  We wish you a very Happy New Year from everyone here at Feedback Sports and hope some of that magical promise comes to fruition in 2016!!