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The Best Bike Storage for Small Spaces

An image of bicycles in an apartment.
An image of bicycles in an apartment.
The Feedback Sports Velo Cache serves as both bike storage and an attractive display for bicycles in a compact space.

With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, it’s clear that winter is here. It doesn’t have to mean the end of bike riding season, but it certainly could change how often you’re out in the saddle. And with a little less riding time, finding a way to store your bike for winter might become a priority.

Bike storage for small spaces doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, many of the best bicycle storage ideas for small spaces are elegant, clever, and display the bike in an appealing way. Most of the riders we know have a lot of bicycles and not a lot of space to put them. So, we’ve dedicated a lot of resources toward creating clever, compact, and the most functional bike storage solutions.

Bike storage stand

Store on the floor

If you have a heavier bike or if you don’t like lifting your bike very far off the ground, there are plenty of good storage options besides just leaning your bike against the wall. This type of bike storage works great in a small space, because: 1. the bike remains easy to access, 2. The bicycle storage device can be easily relocated or put away when not in use, and 3. it’s not permanently affixed to a wall, so it can adapt to multiple uses of a smaller space.

Many free-standing bike storage solutions for small spaces support a bicycle by the front or rear wheel. By simply rolling your bike into a cradle for the wheel, the bike is held upright and easy to access. The RAKK and RAKK XL storage solutions function with a spring-loaded arm that holds the bike wheel in place and prevents the bike from tipping over.

An image of a mountain bike on a freestanding Feedback Sports Scorpion storage rack.
The Scorpion by Feedback Sports is a motocross style bike stand for bikes with hollow cranks.

Another clever and compact bike storage solution is the Scorpion stand. Compatible with any bike that has a hollow bottom bracket spindle, it supports the bike with a simple sleeve through the BB spindle. This bike storage stand is lightweight, easy to move, and can be disassembled for travel or when not in use.

Or, put two bikes in the space of one by going vertical. The Velo Cache is a freestanding bike storage system that cradles the frame of your two-wheeled companions, holding them up and out of harm’s way. This tower-style bike stand make excellent use of minimal space, with a compact footprint and lightweight design for easy relocation if needed. Plus, for our committed bike loving friends out there, it can even be expanded to hold four bikes!  

Put them all on a wall

If floor space is at a premium, the best way to store a bike is up on a wall. Suspending the bike by either of the wheels, or by the frame, and getting it up off the ground is a great way to make sure it stays safely out of your way.

Our most popular wall mounted bike storage is the Velo Hinge. This clever, pivoting wall mounted bike hook improves on a typical hardware store bike hook by allowing the bike to fold against the wall. The entire hook moves on a hinged plate, and it also folds flat when not in use.

For a more artful display of your bike, support it on a wall with the Velo Wall Rack or Velo Wall Rack 2D. These adjustable bike frame cradles are easy to affix to a wall and they securely yet gently support your bike up and off the ground. With your favorite bike held parallel to the wall and presented to the world, it doubles as a piece of art when you’re not riding it!

bike mounted on wall with exposed framework

Sometimes the most convenient bike and wheel storage solutions are also the most simple. And with the Velo Wall Post we decided that simple and elegant weren’t mutually exclusive. Hang your bike or any other sporting goods with this folding support arm. And when you’re not using it, fold it up out of your way and you won’t even notice it’s there.

An image of a bicycle suspended by the seat from a post on a wall.
The Velo Wall Post is a convenient folding bike and equipment storage system for holding bikes or wheels suspended from a wall.

2 thoughts on “The Best Bike Storage for Small Spaces

  1. Hi, I see how the article emphasizes the importance of considering the size and weight of your bike before choosing a storage solution. This has helped me prevent damage to my bikes and ensure that the storage solution I choose is effective.

    One question I have is whether these storage solutions are suitable for all types of bikes, including those with non-standard frames, such as recumbent or cargo bikes. Are there any specific storage solutions that are recommended for these types of bikes?

    1. Hi Mark,
      The cradle arms on a Velo Cache or Velo Wall rack can be adjusted up and down to account for different bike frame tube angles. Most of these storage solutions can be adapted for nontypical frame configurations such as cargo and recumbent bikes, but the weight, weight balance (center of gravity), and frame shape should all be considered when making a choice. Additionally the user’s ability to lift the bike into place.

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