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Committed to Racing

cyclist racing

It’s in our name. It’s defines our company culture. And it’s the recipe for how our products have earned the reputation of durable and portable. It’s our commitment to racing.

We put our products in the hands of the World’s most demanding teams, athletes and mechanics. Grand Tours, Spring Classics, World Cup MTB and Cyclocross are all opportunities for us to gain Feedback, so our products satisfy the people who use them at home, the local and regional races, and Nationals events.

Our commitment to racing is no more obvious than walking the pits of this past weekends Trek Cup World Cup Cyclocross Race in Waterloo, WI. We started counting Omniums, but at a certain point the number just became “a lot”…

Have a look at a few pics from the weekend – as always, Trek’s dedication to cyclocross showed. The crowds were entertained and the racing was brutal.

cyclist riding stationary trainer
Like dozens of amateur and pro athletes this weekend, former French National Cyclocross Champion Steve Chainel warms up on the Omnium Over-Drive
cyclists riding stationary trainer
Helen Wyman navigates the Challenge tent – they use Feedback repair stands and Omnium Trainers every weekend
mechanic working on bicycle
The newly formed Easton/Giant CX Team runs the same program as most – the portability and reliability of our trainers and repair stands is hard to beat
bicycles on stand at race
We love SRAM, and they love our repair stands and tools!
tools on bench
We already said SRAM love our repair stands, but tools too? They recognize quality of purpose-built, multi-function tools!
cyclist rides stationary trainer
Sophie de Boer, French National CX Champion loves to warm-up on the Omnium Zero-Drive Trainer too!
mechanic standing with bicycle repair stand
Nothing to see here, except beard. And a sweet, sweet Pro Elite Repair Stand
cyclist rides by banner
Maghalie Rochette, Specialized/Feedback Sports athlete makes her way through the course on her way to 5th place!
cyclist racing
Katerina Nash – what can you say – 41yrs old and absolutely crushing it – also a sponsored Feedback Sports athlete.

cyclist rides stationary trainer

Our dedication to racing provides the feedback we look for in all of our products. How does weather influence a trainer? How do our stands hold up to a full season, or five? How do mechanics use our tools in the heat of the moment? Do our tools hold up to the demands of techs that use them everyday, sometimes several times a day.

Thanks for looking – and we’ll see you at the races!

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