Cyber Monday

For some mechanics, tools are tools. But for others, working on bikes is an art, and perfection requires the right tool for the job. Our T-Handle collection is precision-machined, S2 steel cut to a custom length to balance portability and precision.  This collection of 7 individual T-Handles is the same found in our T-Handle Set, but without the case, and is perfect for the mechanic that already has the Team Edition Tool Kit, or their own favorite tools case. Kit includes: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm Allen + T25 Torx
The wheel is what makes a bicycle a true work of engineering. And the progression of every good mechanic at some point comes to terms with their wheels. This bundle brings together the tools necessary for wheel building, lateral truing, radial roundness, and dishing. Plus, the Rotor Truing Tool provides an excellent dual-sided prong for getting your disc brake rotors as straight as your wheels.
THE WHEEL FANATIC Product Bundle Image
When conditions are right – a nice stand and good tools – there’s no hesitation to learn how to be the master of your own (bike) domain. While the Recreational Stand and the Ride Prep Tool Kit are our entry price-point options for repair stands and tools, they leverage the priorities of all our products – stability, portability, and durability. The Rec Stand provides a great footprint for working on Road, MTB, CX and kids bikes while the Ride Prep gives you everything you need to make great strides in your technical learning curve. Now get out there and ride, wrench, rest, repeat!
THE NEW MECHANIC KIT Product Bundle Image