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The Feedback Sports Gift Guide

It’s that time of year!! Santa and his elves are delivering gifts (while simultaneously spraying you and your bike with a glittering coating of mud and snow)!  Wait…that’s not what we meant.  Let’s try that again–only more festive.  THE HOLIDAYS are UPON US!!  And while our products have been listed in several amazing Holiday Bicycle Gift Guides, we thought we’d put a little gift guide together of our own.  We asked several co-workers to share what their favorite Feedback Sports Product is and why.

  1. Scott Knight (Western Sales Manager): “The Bottle Opener. Because it’s ridiculously over-built and awesome.”
  2. Jeff Nitta (Director of Sales and Marketing): “The Velo Wall Post.  I like its simplicity for hanging bikes when prepping them for a ride.  I have one at the end of my garage so I can pump up the tires, lube the chain and check to make sure the bike is ready to go.  When I’m done with it I fold it up and it’s out of the way.”
  3. Sammy Rutherford (Eastern Sales Manager: “My Omnium Trainer!! Nothing keeps my legs in better cycling shape during the off-season.”
  4. Eric Hockman (Tech-Specialist): “The Pro Elite  Bicycle Work Stand. Having spent time as a traveling race mechanic, it was one of my most reliable and essential tools I used on the road; a true workhorse.”
  5. Will Allen (Product Engineer): “My favorite FBS product is the one currently in development.  The products we currently have are all great but what we’re working on for the future is even better.”  Wow. Well played, Will. 
  6. Mike Guinta (Product Engineer): “Eggnog.”  “Mike, we don’t make eggnog.”  “…Fine. Tools. I like the tools.”
  7. Lisa Hudson (Co-Owner/Accounting): “The Velo Hinge because it maximizes the storage space for my quiver of bikes!
  8. Katie Macarelli (Marketing Coordinator): “While I really love our storage solutions, the Sweat Guard has recently become my number one love.  I prefer to ride outside in the elements, but if I absolutely can’t, you don’t want to be near me.  Plus, the sweat guard is fluffy. It’s like I’m looking at a cute stuffed animal while I ride.” #borntosweat #ItsSoFluffy

And if you want to know what founder of Feedback Sports, Doug Hudson suggests, you can listen to this little holiday segment from 303 Radio! 

And finally, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.  We hope you enjoy the time with your family.  Annnnnnnnd, we also hope you get the chance to sneak out for a ride.  Click here for some great tips from that can help.  You’re welcome.   🙂

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