Feedback Sports

Our Team

In addition to our employees, we have our own racing team to fly the Feedback Sports colors. Formed in 2004 (with just a few friends who liked to ride/race bikes together) the team’s roster has 45 members who still like to play in the dirt and have even been known to mix it up on the road.

This will be the 6th year of the annual Feedback Sports Cup–a local cyclocross race we put on every fall.  This is as much a celebration of our our cycling community as it is an all-out sprint fest full of twists, turns, sand, steps and barriers. And also beer.

To see what else the team is up to, check out our “Events” page. You can also follow the members on Strava. You can also listen to a few of our team-mates talk about their love of cyclocross on 303 Radio!