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Feedback Sports is proud to support some of the fastest athletes from every discipline of cycling. All of these athletes happen to be pros, but we make products that can take any cyclist’s training, racing and maintenance to the next level.  #athleteswelove #dialed #racedayessentials #feedbacksports 

*In addition to the Pro’s, we partner with a variety of teams, organizations, and events. The application window for the 2019 season is now open until December 15th.  Please click below to see if a future partnership with Feedback Sports is right for you. If after reading the content below, you feel this would be a great fit, please click the appropriate link to apply.

*Please note: we make all decisions after the New Year/after the UCI Cx season is complete. We inform applicants first in/first out starting in January and usually complete the process in late February.  We realize this time-frame is a little out of the ordinary, but we assure you, as a 12 person company, we weigh each and every application equally and attempt to spread the Feedback Sports love as much as possible across all cycling disciplines and locations.  

Partnerships with Feedback Sports

Expectations for Partnership Applicants

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Feedback Sports! As avid cyclists ourselves, we appreciate passionate cyclists using our products at home, at events, at the races and/or on the trail. Please read our guidelines below to see if a partnership with us seems like a good fit. If you’re still not sure, you can listen to this fun podcast with Bike Shop CX/Wide Angle Podium Network.


  1. You have previous experience with our products. Please be honest about this.  If you haven’t used our products we ask that you give one or more of them a try BEFORE you apply.  It will be hard for you to authentically promote our products to others if you’re not familiar with them.
  2. You are a cycling advocate/enthusiast. You are the type of athlete/team/organization that gives the sport of cycling a good name. Pure and simple.
  3. You like to geek out on your bike. While you’re not riding your bike, you enjoy talking about it, washing it, working on it and then hanging it up for the next ride. But you haven’t fallen too far down the bike geek rabbit hole that you can’t talk to someone about our products in a friendly, easy fashion.
  4. You have an online presence with engaged followers. Social media is an easy way for us to interact with you and potential customers. You’re willing to follow us, tag us and share some of our posts as well so your followers can get to know us too!
  5. You are willing to give us content; pictures, video and blogs. We want to share you using our products and why you value them globally!
  6. You are willing to provide product “feedback” (pardon the pun) and/or testimonials. We want to hear about what you love as well as what you think would improve our products.
  7. You understand that the first year we work together, we won’t be tossing you oodles of free products and/or cash. We usually begin the relationship with “Partnership Pricing” and see how things progress from there.

If you said “yes” to everything above, we urge you to apply by clicking the appropriate application below. Thank you!