Corben Sharrah

Introduced to BMX Racing by a neighborhood friend (at the age of 5) Corben Sharrah quickly fell in love with going fast and racing around the track. He transitioned into the expert class at the age of 6. From there his passion for BMX racing grew; as he raced locally, at the state level and then the National level.

Corben turned professional in 2010 and quickly adjusted to racing as a professional athlete, earning multiple wins and a spot on the Olympic Team as an alternate for the 2012 London Olympic Games. After a devastating crash in 2013 (breaking his femur bone), Corben worked diligently to recover, coming back to the track stronger every day.

His efforts were rewarded in 2016 when he won the U.S. Olympic Time Trials and competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games representing the USA. For 2017 year he won the USA National Championship for BMX Racing and most recently won the 2017 BMX World Championships!!! #rainbowjersey

Corben looks forward to doing what he loves, while inspiring others to ride at their local track.

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Profile Racing Factory World Race Team

Profile Racing, Inc. is an American bicycle parts manufacturer located in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are the largest manufacturer of high-end competition bicycle components in the United States with over 45 years of experience in the industry.

While Profile Racing is the premiere name in BMX bicycle components, the same can be said for the Profile Racing Factory World Race Team. Their BMX athletes compete all over the United States (and internationally) and represent the highest quality of competition and sportsmanship. They represent Profile Racing and their sponsors with respect, integrity, honesty.  In other words, they are personable as well as being among the best BMX racers in the world. Bonus.

Blot Out Graphics

Led by team managers Chris and Jennifer Helmick, the twenty seven–rider Blot Out Graphics Team has climbed to the top of the national circuit rankings. With a strong finishes in both the 2015/2016 season, the Blot Out Graphics Team is looking forward to 2017 and more competing with high caliber teams around the US.