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Trek Factory Racing Triathlon Team

The six Trek Factory Racing Triathletes compete in the most challenging and diverse disciplines around the globe. ITU Olympic Distance, Non-Drafting Olympic Distance, Half Ironman, and full Ironman distances and a whole lot of others in between.

*To keep up on the latest with this team of fastness, you can find them all individually on Twitter and Instagram, as well as following @trekraceshop.

Katie Zaferes

Originally from Hampstead, Maryland, Katie Zaferes now calls herself a Californian. She started doing triathlon after graduating from Syracuse University in 2012. Since then she’s gotten to travel the world racing against the best! In the past 4 years she’s competed in the Rio Olympics, finished on 8 WTS podiums, won her first WTS race in Hamburg, and finished in the top 5 of the World Triathlon Series in both 2015 and 2016. And if you think that’s amazing, Katie does all this with her husband / photographer Tommy Zaferes. 😉

Currently coached by Joel Filliol, she’s looking forward to training through another Olympic cycle in the hopes to compete in Tokyo 2020, with the goal of dabbling in longer distance non draft races starting with some half distance.

You can see first hand how we met Katie and Tommy via the rad TV show, Tiny Houses. #tinyhouses #bigOlympicdreams #portable #spacesaving #raceready #feedbacksports

Jeanni Seymour

Jeanni Seymour is a 25 year old professional triathlete from Johannesburg, South Africa. With the support of her family, Jeanni made the decision to turn pro at the ripe age of 19 and come over to the USA in 2012 to train and race. Hear her awesome story in her very own voice on the IronWomen Podcast. Jeanni is now based in Boulder, Colorado where she lives with her boyfriend and fellow professional triathlete Justin Metzler (and where she just took 1st at the Boulder IM 70.3).  Check out the race report PLUS her top 3 tips when traveling to race abroad (we’ll give you a hint: one of them mentions the Omnium).

Justin Metzler

Justin Metzler is a 23 year old professional triathlete from the United States. Over the past two years he has posted over 20 top-10 finishes and 7 top-3 podium finishes at major Ironman 70.3 and Challenge events. Additionally, he was named the 2014 USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year. Although he is young, Justin has been competing in triathlon for over 10 years and has ambitions to become one of the words best long course athletes. He currently splits time between Boulder, Colorado and Clermont, FL with his girlfriend, fellow professional triathlete Jeanni Seymour. Justin’s racing took him to 5 continents in 2016 and he plans to compete on a similar international level throughout the 2017 racing season.  *Click here to read his recent tips on recovering like a professional! 

Alicia Kaye

Alicia Kaye grew up in Canada and began participating in triathlon when she was 11 years old; she became a professional triathlete at the age of 14.  Alicia spent her teen years racing triathlon while juggling her academic studies.  While completing her undergraduate degree in Sport Psychology she met fellow triathlete and now husband, Jarrod Shoemaker.  Since meeting Jarrod she has began racing for the United States and also completed her masters degree in Athletic Counseling.  In addition to being recently awarded USAT’s elite non-draft female triathlete of the year, some of Alicia’s proudest moments include winning Canadian Junior National Championships in 2001, and winning the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in 2013.  In her spare time Alicia works as a mental trainer and runs a skincare company with her husband Jarrod, called Endurance Shield.

*Want to know Alicia’s best pre-race tips? Click here! You can also follow her on Twitter /@AliciaKayeTri .

Brent McMahon

Brent McMahon is a 3-time IRONMAN Champion, 2-time Olympian and has 4 sub 8 hour IRONMAN finishing times on his resume. Consistent across all 3 disciplines, Brent has found his niche in IRONMAN racing and is a legitimate contender for the podium in every IRONMAN he enters. But he also loves off-road triathlon and mountain biking and has several top Xterra finishes.

In 2018, Brent hopes to race both the Ironman World Championships and the Xterra World Championships a few weeks later.  When Brent is not training, he can be found tinkering on his bikes and drinking coffee. Brent lives in Victoria, B.C., Canada and splits his training time between his home base in Canada and Maui.

*To see the latest from Brent, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tyler Butterfield

Tyler Butterfield is a rare sporting talent, having raced at the height of competition in two separate disciplines. A two-time Olympian in triathlon (Athens 2004 and London 2012) and a three-time Commonwealth Games contender (2006 in cycling and 2002 & 2014 in triathlon), Tyler is now focused on long distance triathlon and the sport’s “holy grail”, the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii .

Click here to see a video of Tyler Butterfield on the Omnium portable trainer.