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Like all Feedback Sports products, the Maintenance App was designed to simplify your cycling. Consolidate your bicycle maintenance and components list with our user-friendly app. Rid your workbench of unorganized notes and make your service schedule as dialed as your work space.


The Feedback Sports Maintenance App:

  • Records dates for any service performed
  • Reminds upcoming service intervals
  • Records costs and features of replacement parts
  • Reminds replacement intervals of wear items
  • Maintains all service records to share with other professionals (your bike shop, for instance)
  • Maintains all records of replacement parts and component upgrades
  • Syncs to multiple devices
  • Apple&Android compatible

Connect a current bike to STRAVA

Connect a new bike to STRAVA

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Precision, innovation and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports bike maintenance tools and accessories, and the Bike Maintenance App helps sustain our reputation.

Our award-winning bike repair stands and tools are the benchmark for professional-grade bicycle repair stands and basic bike maintenance too. Their portability, stability, and durability make them the choice of industry veterans and home mechanics alike for bike tune-ups, bike washing and basic bike maintenance. With several patented features, getting your bike securely mounted and unmounted takes little effort and zero time. Add one of our portable bike tool kits and you’re ready to tackle any service job, in any setting.

Maximize your effectiveness as a mechanic with our Maintenance App. Record the full history of your service intervals and make sure your bike is ready to ride at a moments notice. You’ll never be the rider with the creaky bottom bracket, noisy drivetrain, or heaven forbid, a dirty drivetrain.