Rotor Truing Fork 2.0

[Disc Brake Tool]

Part #17842

Eliminate pad and rotor rubbing by using our updated Rotor Truing Fork 2.0 to keep any brake rotor perfectly true. Compact, portable, and lightweight, yet comfortable and effective to use thanks to the strong steel core and overmolded grip. With two different tuning depths for repairing shallow and sharp deformations, this is the ideal solution for truing disc brake rotors on road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, urban and fitness bikes.


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  • Compact, lightweight, and portable form factor.
  • Deep, 2mm truing slot plus shallow 2.0mm and 2.3mm slots for different rotor depths
  • Strong steel core with overmolded Nylon surface.
  • Sure grip surface and comfortable in hand for delicate brake rotor truing.
  • Non-marking Nylon rotor truing surfaces.
  • Two different tuning depths for precision truing of disc brake rotors.
  • Angled design promotes ample spoke clearance and efficient leverage.
  • Tapered tip can double as a brake pad piston press.
  • Works great with the Pro Truing Station rotor alignment gauge.


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Feedback Sports tools aspire to new levels of precision, portability, innovation, and durability, and the Rotor Truing Fork 2.0 disc brake tool is no exception. Disc brakes are one of the most important performance elements in modern bicycle design. They require specific care and maintenance to perform at their best. Flawless, square contact between the brake pads and the rotors is important, as is adequate clearance between the pads and rotors.

There’s nothing quite like perfect disc brake performance during a series of dive-bombing switchbacks. Your brake lever feel should be crisp and confidence-inspiring, with no hint of rubbing, pulsing at the brake lever, or brake fade caused by warped disc brake rotors. Take control of your braking experience with this compact and clever disc brake rotor straightening tool. It’s light weight, compact form factor and comfortable grip makes it an easy tool to always have at hand, whether you’re in the shop or at the trailhead.

Make every ride a perfect one by taking care of your disc brake repair at home with the Rotor Truing Fork 2.0 and a Pro Truing Station rotor alignment gauge.