Thru-Axle Chain Keeper

[Bike Wash & Travel Accessory]

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Because you love your bikes, when you’re not riding them you’re washing them, tuning them, or traveling to exquisite ride destinations. The Thru-Axle Chain Keeper is an ideal solution for keeping your bike chain secure during bike washing, tune-ups and traveling. This elegant, lightweight, bio-based plastic design fits perfectly on the axles of 12mm thru-axle dropout systems, no tools required. By keeping chain tension with the Thru-Axle Chain Keeper, you can be confident your bike is safe during drivetrain cleaning or travel.

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  • Protects rear derailleur by maintaining chain tension when the rear wheel is removed.
  • Ideal bike service tool for washing, tune-ups and traveling.
  • Accommodates road bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, fitness bikes and more.
  • Fits 12mm Thru-Axle dropouts.
  • Prevents the chain from slapping against delicate and painted frame surfaces.
  • High-density, solvent resistant, Bio-based PA56 roller is easy on your chain, yet incredibly durable.
  • CNC machined aluminum body is corrosion-resistant and comfortable in-hand.
  • Tool-free, easy-install design makes use simple and effective for beginner or professional bike mechanic.
  • SAG Sustainability Action Group approved – bio-based material, low packaging volume, and mono-material for easy recycling.

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Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports tools, and the Thru-Axle Chain Keeper is a textbook example of our approach to  smart and simple product design.

We’re all looking for bike tools that make washing and tune-ups easier, right? The Thru-Axle Chain Keeper is one of those elegant bike tools that truly simplifies washing, tuning and traveling by keeping chain tension when the rear wheel is removed. It’s simple, elegant and easy to use with 12mm thru-axles frames without needing tools. And it’s single-hand design makes it one of the best additions to any bike tool kit.

Bring the bike repair shop to your backyard with the Thru-Axle Chain Keeper, and expand your tech capability by adding one to our Team Edition  tool kits.