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Around the World with Feedback Sports

Maybe it’s the size of our company (11 employees), or the small-town vibe that we embody by living and working in Golden, CO. Regardless of the reason, many people are surprised to find that Feedback Sports has the world-wide reach that we do.  

The company may have started in Doug and Lisa Hudson’s basement, but Feedback Sports products are now available in over 40 countries. You can find our signature red anodized items from Australia to Venezuela.


Ford Isbey, our International Sales Manager recently went on a 10 day trip to Asia to visit dealers and distributors in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea. A quick introductory word about Ford. He has an incredibly friendly and genuine nature.  He could befriend an abandoned, rusty old car and what’s more, he’d undoubtedly have a few fun and wacky adventures with that car before the day was over.  Ford looks forward to such trips not only to talk shop, but to reconnect with his friends/business associates–many of which, got their first peek of our newest product, The Omnium.
ford with catalog    viewing omnium  
For Cx racers like the Feedback Sports crew,  it’s easy to categorize the Omnium as a “race warm-up tool”.  But as Ford’s travels progressed it quickly became evident to all of us that the Omnium takes the “KOM” for trainers in general. Whether it’s for racking up the base-miles, bike fits or (yes) warming up at a race, our international dealers, distributors and customers want it. Click here for more pics resulting from this trip.
omniums at show

Needless to say, Ford is…pretty busy.

When giving a recap of his trip (and it’s carry-over product buzz) at our weekly company meeting, Ford said in his jovial North Carolina accent, “Bud, lemme’ tell ya. Orders have been flyyyyyin’ in faster than I used to shuck corn as a kid.” Okay, okay, full disclosure: it may not have been that exact quote, but it was something like that and Ford is on Thanksgiving vacation already, so we’ll stick with that. 

In closing, be patient.  Availability for the Omnium is getting close, both domestically and internationally.  Or as Ford might say, “It’ll be here sooner than the leafers on the Blue Ridge Parkway”.*

ford at show     omnium in sk

*Unless you are also from North Carolina, you may need to click here for the translation of that phrase.