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Feedback Sports Goes World Cup

Feedback Sports has signed on as Co-Title Sponsor to form the 2019-20 Specialized/Feedback Sports Cyclocross Team. The team consists of seasoned professional cyclocross racer Maghalie Rochette, and her mechanic and coach David Gagnon.

“Feedback Sports products are designed to simplify cycling and are a reflection of our internal passions as racers and mechanics. Maghalie and David are true professionals and offer the level of scrutiny of our products we ask from our sponsored partners”, said Doug Hudson, Owner of Feedback Sports. “They mirror our passion for racing, balanced with a deep love of cycling and an infectious positive attitude. We are delighted to have Maghalie and David representing Feedback Sports in our first title sponsorship of a World Cup cyclocross program. It’s long been a dream of mine to have our logo on a World Cup Cyclocross jersey, and after 15 years, this is the right time and Maghalie and David are the right people. ”

Maghalie got her start professionally in 2014 with the LUNA Pro Team (now Clif Pro Team), primarily racing XCO mountain bike with an abbreviated cyclocross program. 2018 marked the beginning of CX Fever, her privateer campaign to target her truest passion of World Cup Cyclocross. During the 2018/2019 season Maghalie accomplished impressive North American results – making several podiums at key UCI events and taking home the Canadian National Title. While those results alone are a success for some, Rochette also captured her first Pan-American Championship.

Aside from her athletic achievements she’s a wonderful advocate for the sport, passionate wood worker, and cheese lover.

Maghalie commented “When we decided to build this team, David and I wrote down a list of the companies we dreamed to partner with. For us, the best partners are people that we like and that we want to work and spend time with. The best partners are also the ones who make the products we believe in. Feedback Sports fit exactly that profile. The whole team is passionate about cycling, and passionate about making quality products…they want to be the best at what they do and have fun while doing it, which is the same philosophy David and I have towards our racing endeavors. For us, there is a lot to learn from the way they run their company, and that’s inspiring. ”

She added,”We are extremely proud to have Feedback Sports as a co-title sponsor this year. I’m excited to be representing them in the races I’ll be doing. I like the company and I’m seriously proud to have their logos on my kit. Plus, I know that everyone in the company will be watching the races, because that’s how passionate they are about the sport, and to me, that’s super motivating. I have no doubt this will be a fun year working with them! Feedback Sports really has the CX Fever!”

David Gagnon, Maghalie’s partner, mechanic, and coach is a large part of the team. Although we don’t get to see the work put in behind the racing scenes, David makes the same commitment throughout the season as Maghalie. He also has plenty of racing experience himself, formerly racing on the ITU triathlon circuit. He also has deep understanding of physiology, working as Head Coach and Co-Owner of the performance center PowerWatts Nord in Quebec, Canada. Beyond sport, David is also a food lover and is at home in the kitchen or over the grill.
David is excited to be part of the Feedback Sports team, stating “Feedback Sports is an example that it is possible to blend perfectly business, life, family and sport together. Their strong presence and support of the racing scene in the past decade shows how passionate they are about racing and for these reasons, we couldn’t be more proud to be associated with such a great company.”

“When people watch bike races, they see the bike and the rider. But when you look at everything that goes behind the race itself, you quickly realize that there is a lot more going on. Travelling to races, preparing the bikes, warming-up and cooling down from the race and storing your bikes back at home – Feedback Sports products are an essential part of what we need to make this team happen.”

“For us this year, Feedback Sports products are the unsung heroes and we’re incredibly excited to bring them to the front row with us.”

To learn more about Maghalie’s plans for the upcoming season, check out this Cyclocross Magazine interview. And because #crossiscoming, check out David’s top tips for gluing tubulars and see what Maghalie thinks about trainers vs rollers. 

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CX Fever #1 – Gluing Tubulars

Maghalie Rochette – CX Fever Racing p/b Specialized

We’re thrilled to announce our support for an athlete we’ve already been working with for a few years–Maghalie Rochette. Maghalie is amicably leaving the CLIF Pro Team to start her own cyclocross program. Why? She’s got the fever. The fever for cyclocross. 

She’ll be racing cyclocross in North America until November then Europe for 3 months to finish the season strong. Maghalie’s partner David will be the mechanic. Or as she puts it, “The mechanic and the ‘doer of everything’, like he always does… I’ll do my best to help him. At the races, you will be able to find David and I under a Specialized tent that we will be sharing with the TSH/Specialized Team crew.”

You’ll see the tent decked out with Feedback Sports products. Feel free to ask Maghalie and David about them. Get your hands on the tools. Check out our trainers and rollers. They are happy to give you the low-down on what makes our products part of their “Race Day Essentials” as well as some pro-tips on bike racing and wrenching!

And speaking of…check out David’s tried and true 8 step method of gluing tubulars. 

Gluing tubulars

Every year, it’s a long process we have to start over. Here is the step by step method that David uses to ensure our tubulars are always properly glued.

  1. Pump the tubular. Apply a layer of glue on the tubular and a layer on the rim of the wheel. Hang and let dry for 24h.
  2. The next day, apply another layer of glue on the rim. Let dry a few hours.
  3. Put some double sided glue tape on the rim. Remove the paper from the tape.
  4. Apply a second layer of glue on the tubular tire and a layer of glue over the tape.
  5. Right away, deflate the tubular. Verify the direction of the thread and carefully install the tubular on the wheel.
  6. Pump the tire and adjust the position of the tire on the wheel to make sure it is straight.
  7. Let dry for at least 24h before using.
  8. You are ready to shred!!!

**Pro tip: A few days before you start this process, it helps to stretch the tubular. You can either set it on a dry wheel for a few days, or simply stretch it with your hand.

Maghalie is in good hands with some other stellar companies.  SpecializedCLIF BarRovalSRAMTenSpeed HeroOakleyChallenge TiresGiro Cyclingand Horst Engineering are supporting Maghalie, too. We’re all going to be working together throughout the season to spread the CX Fever!

You can check out her preliminary schedule for the 2018/19 season here. Go get em’, Maghalie!

Sea Otter Classic


Sea Otters…….just kidding, us, Feedback Sports, along with thousands of spectators, athletes, exhibitors, and bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds!


“You guys should put on a mountain bike race.”

That simple statement from a Monterey bike shop owner in 1990 was the genesis for the Sea Otter Classic.

Co-founders Frank Yohannan and Lou Rudolph hosted the inaugural Laguna Seca Challenge on April 6 & 7, 1991. There was a total of 350 athletes and 150 spectators. Today the event hosts over 9,600 athletes and 72,500 fans. In 1993 the event was renamed the Sea Otter Classic and is now universally regarded as the world’s premier cycling festival.

Known as a sprawling and energetic “celebration of cycling,” Sea Otter is cycling’s North American season opener. Professional and amateur athletes alike make the annual pilgrimage to Sea Otter to participate in some of the sport’s most competitive and enduring events. Hundreds of pro cyclists, including national, world, and Olympic champions, attend Sea Otter to race and meet with fans.

Most of cycling’s racing disciplines are represented including mountain bike cross country, downhill, dual slalom, and short track racing. Road cyclists compete in circuit, criterium, and road racing. Also offered are cyclocross and a number of non-competitive recreational events for riders of all ages.

The Sea Otter Classic also hosts the world’s largest consumer bike exposition in North America. The Expo holds hundreds of vendors who display new products, distribute free samples, and offer great bargains. The four-day, action-packed festival includes an international food court, entertainment, bike demos, stunt shows, and activities for children.

The Sea Otter Classic is located in Monterey County, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


April 19-22


Monterey, California


To celebrate the wonderful things that are cycling. This will be Feedback Sports’ 8th visit to the exciting celebration of cycling that is the Sea Otter Classic. So swing by booth 112/113 and check out our race day essentials, trainers, tools, storage solutionsrepair stands, as well as our store displays. We’ll also have some new apparel on display only for Sea Otter so get there while the getting is good.


For a complete schedule of events click here.

For more information on events, exhibit, cost, etc click here.


Reno 2018 Cyclocross Nationals

The 2018 Reno Cyclocross National Championships are almost here!  Will we see you there? We certainly hope so.  For the gazillionth year in a row, Feedback Sports will be racing, wrenching, pitting and cheering our faces off at Cyclocross Nationals. We’ll have 2 – 10×10 tents, plenty of Omniums to warm-up on, tools to play with and some of our new shirts/hats for sale. We’re calling it “The Official Unofficial Warm-up Tent”. 

Well also be at the Women’s Night and The Mechanic’s Challenge. If you’re going, please come and introduce yourself! We love making new friends. New friends who love bikes is even better.

Click here for the full racing schedule.

Seriously.  Don’t stand out there in the cold.  Come say “hello!”.

No. Just…no.

2017 Masters Cyclo-cross World Championships

Attention 2017 Masters Cyclo-Cross World Championship riders:

Feedback Sports will provide a warm-up tent at Masters CX Worlds. Omnium portable trainers will be available to use before your race. Feedback Sports staff will be at the event racing AND available to assist at the tent. For more information, contact [email protected]

Year 2, here we come!!

Explanation of the Masters Cyclocross: 

Masters (MM: Men Masters)   This category shall comprise riders of 30 years and above who elect this status. The choice of masters status shall not be open to a rider belonging to a team registered with the UCI.

Masters (WM: Women Masters)   This category shall comprise riders of 30 years and above who elect this status. The choice of the masters status shall not be open to a rider belonging to a team registered with the UCI.

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAYYYY at CX Nats

The last (but certainly not least) day of Cx Nats!  Don’t miss it!

Sunday, January 8th


Saturday Cx Nats Shenanigans

So much fun to be had!

Saturday, January 7th


Cyclo-Art (Hartford)

Hartford Fine Art and Framing is partnering with the CT Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP) to host “Cyclo-Art,” a bicycle-themed art show.

This unique show presents a diverse exploration of the beauty of bicycles in landscape and competition. The “Cyclo-Art” show, which will accompany the 2017 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships at Riverside Park in Hartford from January 3-8, will feature photographers, painters and graphic artists from across the country.
January 5:  7-9 pm, Hartford Fine Art will also host a fundraising event for the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP). Admission to the fundraiser is free and is a great opportunity to meet both those from CCAP and some of the competitors from the USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships.

“The USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross National Championships is an exciting first for Connecticut, and Hartford’s selection is the result of a great partnership between the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program, Riverfront Recapture, the city of Hartford and the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau,” said Bob Murdock, the Connecticut Convention & Sports Bureau’s Director of Sports Marketing. “Our state capital’s Riverside Park is a prime venue for this dynamic winter sports event and offers many design options for a challenging course that will satisfy thrill-seeking competitors and spectators alike. We look forward to welcoming cycling enthusiasts from all over the country.”

For more information on the Fundraising Event to be held at Hartford Fine Art & Framing on Thursday, January 5th or the Art Show, please click here.

Hanging Hills Brewery GoldSprints Party p/b Bici Co/Pedal Power

hanging hills brewery logo

Hangin’ Hills Brewery GoldSprints Party Presented by Bici Co. and Pedal Power!

Keep the #CXNats action flowing from the race course to the after party! Hanging Hills Brewery is our host for a wild night of shenanigans and sprints, sprints, sprints.

The beers will be strong, but hopefully your legs will be stronger. However, if your legs are weaker than a warm michelob, you can still be a winner! Dress up in your best costume and strut your stuff, or bring your wittiest heckles and be a crowd hero! We promise a of fun and perhaps a lot of weird! All contest winners go home with a Hanging Hills Brewery Growler full of the beer of your choice!

Donate $10 at the door to help support Bici Co.’s youth cycling and college prep programs.

Following the Collegiate races on Wednesday.
Presented by Pedal Power and Bici Co.
Gold Sprints: Hand-ups encouraged
Heckle-Off: Who’s got the strongest heckle-game
Costume Competition: If you can’t go fast, you can at least look ridiculous
Location: Hanging Hills Brewery (150 Ledyard St, Hartford, CT 06114) South Hartford, Map from CXNATS
Time: 5pm – 10pm