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CX Fever #1 – Gluing Tubulars

Maghalie Rochette – CX Fever Racing p/b Specialized

We’re thrilled to announce our support for an athlete we’ve already been working with for a few years–Maghalie Rochette. Maghalie is amicably leaving the CLIF Pro Team to start her own cyclocross program. Why? She’s got the fever. The fever for cyclocross. 

She’ll be racing cyclocross in North America until November then Europe for 3 months to finish the season strong. Maghalie’s partner David will be the mechanic. Or as she puts it, “The mechanic and the ‘doer of everything’, like he always does… I’ll do my best to help him. At the races, you will be able to find David and I under a Specialized tent that we will be sharing with the TSH/Specialized Team crew.”

You’ll see the tent decked out with Feedback Sports products. Feel free to ask Maghalie and David about them. Get your hands on the tools. Check out our trainers and rollers. They are happy to give you the low-down on what makes our products part of their “Race Day Essentials” as well as some pro-tips on bike racing and wrenching!

And speaking of…check out David’s tried and true 8 step method of gluing tubulars. 

Gluing tubulars

Every year, it’s a long process we have to start over. Here is the step by step method that David uses to ensure our tubulars are always properly glued.

  1. Pump the tubular. Apply a layer of glue on the tubular and a layer on the rim of the wheel. Hang and let dry for 24h.
  2. The next day, apply another layer of glue on the rim. Let dry a few hours.
  3. Put some double sided glue tape on the rim. Remove the paper from the tape.
  4. Apply a second layer of glue on the tubular tire and a layer of glue over the tape.
  5. Right away, deflate the tubular. Verify the direction of the thread and carefully install the tubular on the wheel.
  6. Pump the tire and adjust the position of the tire on the wheel to make sure it is straight.
  7. Let dry for at least 24h before using.
  8. You are ready to shred!!!

**Pro tip: A few days before you start this process, it helps to stretch the tubular. You can either set it on a dry wheel for a few days, or simply stretch it with your hand.

Maghalie is in good hands with some other stellar companies.  SpecializedCLIF BarRovalSRAMTenSpeed HeroOakleyChallenge TiresGiro Cyclingand Horst Engineering are supporting Maghalie, too. We’re all going to be working together throughout the season to spread the CX Fever!

You can check out her preliminary schedule for the 2018/19 season here. Go get em’, Maghalie!

Mechanics National Championships (Reno)

We all know our bikes would be useless without proper maintenance. Some of us do this ourselves, while others happily pass it off to the brave, knowledgeable souls to maintain them (for us). Join us for this wildly fun annual event showcasing these unsung heroes.  The Mechanics National Championships will test mettle of the mechanics and highlight their skills.  Entertaining (to say the least), this event is often highlight of Cyclocross Nationals week!  Taking place at El Jefe’s in the Silver Legacy Hotel Casino, drinks and food will be available all night.

Sponsored by:

Butter’s Private Parts CX Tune-Up Race

Prepare for CX Nationals Butter-Style!

Every year the challenge for ‘cross devotees heading to Nationals is staying wound up and motivated through three race-free weekends. Well get up off your knees and stop praying because butter has got your back. Butter presents Private Parts ‘cross, two weekends of grass roots training races to keep your afterburners hot coming up to the biggest, fastest and hardest race of the season. We’re keeping it simple. Three categories; A,B,C. Sign up,  self-select, throw down. The course at Butter Ranch has velcro grass, hills, ass-kickin’ straights and batshit crazy handling sections. if it rains or snows it will only get better. Even if you’re not heading to Nationals these are grass-roots events that will be wicked fun.

*There are only 40 spots available in each category, so don’t dally on signing up. If there are any spots left day-of registration will be $25. Save yourself $5 and click here to sign up now! 

1. If you’re planning on coming you can sign up on the day but it really helps to pre-register if at all possible so we know how many people to expect. If you’re not sure which category to sign up for shoot us a note or just use your best guess, you can always change category on the day, no worries. If you are a junior sign up for whatever category works best for you.
2. Categories are self-select and unisex, this is training for Nationals so you want to pick a category that closely resembles or is slightly shorter than your race in Reno. Basic guideline goes kinda like this:
  • C Race(11:00am): Cat 4,5 (including masters), Juniors 11-12 and 13-14
  • B Race(11:45am): Cat 3(including masters), Juniors 15-16 and 17-18, Masters women
  • A Race(12:30am): Cat 1,2,3(including masters), Juniors 17-18 and U23, Elite women
3. We want to keep the schedule on time so you can can get za trainings you need and then get back to whatever you were doing, so we’ll be keeping it moving.
4. Both the race venue and parking area are located on private property, please show the utmost respect at both properties, be considerate of neighbors and other road users. Warm up is on 61st. Street only, please don’t ride on Hygiene Rd. unless you are heading to or from the race venue, we need to keep those roads clear.
5. We need volunteers!! Both on the race days and for setup/pulldown. We’ll also need course marshals and help on Saturday. If you help out you can ride for free. Shoot an email or message if you want in.
6. These are USAC sanctioned and insured ‘training events’. They are not official races and there are no upgrade points, just a damn good workout. You need to have a USAC license or get a one-day license.
7. If you have any other questions feel free to ask: [email protected]
  • Directions: Butter Ranch 6152 Hygiene Rd, Longmont, CO  80503. We won’t bore you to tears with fancy directions, just google it.
  • Parking: 11931 Nth. 61st St (North on 61st from Hygiene Rd.)
  • Instructions: Butter Ranch and the parking area are both private properties, be respectful and considerate of the properties and neighbors and don’t wreck anything. Stay off the grass at the parking area and don’t approach the house. Warm up is on 61st. only, stay off Hygiene Rd. unless you’re heading to the course. Be careful, courteous and considerate when making your way to the course on Hygiene Rd.



Sea Otter Classic


If you’ve never been to Sea Otter, this is one gorgeous event.  Sunshine, bikes, happy people, bikes, more sunshine and more happy people–including US!!  For the gazillionth year Feedback Sports will be exhibiting at Sea Otter.  We’ll be in our normal spot: booth 112/113. You can check out our new tool line, throw down some watts on our trainers and you might even win some tools to take home!*


 Look for our tents, our smiling faces and a variety of products to keep you, your bike, your shop or garage dialed.  Plus, you can always count on spotting some of our fast and friendly supported athletes, as they are there enjoying the sunshine too!

*More details to come regarding our Sea Otter give-away as the event gets closer.