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Which is the best Bike Tool Kit for you?

The best bike tool kit for you is the one that’ll inspire you to learn bike maintenance! Whether you’re not yet comfortable with basic bike maintenance or you’re a more advanced mechanic, with the right bike-specific tools maintenance is easy and learning is fun.

Our Team Edition Bike Tool Kit is built to address full bike tune-ups – 19 tools and countless possibilities. Meanwhile our Ride Prep Bike Tool Kit is ideal for those who want to start with a small collection of premium bike-specific tools.

Lastly, don’t focus on the number of tools in a kit, focus on the number of tasks each tool can accomplish – you’ll find the Team Edition and Ride Prep Bike Tool Kits are amazing values and last a lifetime (guaranteed)!

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Choosing the best bike storage solution for you:

When it comes to bike storage solutions for your home, know that our bike storage products are built with premium aluminum and durable steel. Our products last a lifetime and look good in the process. That said, how many bikes do you need to store? Do you live in a rental, or own your home? Do you want to store bikes in a garage or shed? Or do you want to create a proper bike display?

Regardless of your answer, Feedback Sports has wall mount bike storage and free standing bike storage to match any budget or aesthetic! Take a look at our Bike Storage Guide for more information.

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Which is the best bike repair stand for you?

There are only two major considerations when evaluating Feedback Sports bike repair stand collection: speed and convenience!

Our bike work stands have won countless awards over the years and are the premiere choice of professional bike mechanics worldwide, so you can trust their performance and durability. The more you invest in your bike repair stand, the more speed and convenience you’ll receive – speed levers for fast setup, patented clamp head designs and premium aluminum to achieve incredible stiffness and low weight.

Have a look at our Bike Repair Stand Feature Chart to understand the subtleties!

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Choosing the best indoor bike trainer for your needs:

Who says bike trainers are for indoors anyway? All our bike training products are designed to be used indoor or outdoor – whether that means on your back porch or a day at the races.

Some riders prefer cycling rollers for their skill and balance building, and natural feel. Other riders want to place their mental focus on their workout, or an electronic device for entertainment, and prefer the stability of our fork-mounted bike trainers (that, like rollers, have a very natural feel).

Last but not least, do you like a high-speed spin with minimal resistance, or a lung-busting, leg-ripping self-adjusting resistance unit? Regardless of your preferences, we’ve got them all covered in our collection of bike trainers and cycling rollers.

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