Bottler Opener

[Repair Stand Upgrade]

Part #16883

Let’s be honest, there’s a right way and a wrong way to open a bottle of frosty beverage. No, it doesn’t include the spokes on a spinning wheel, your teeth, a lighter, your car’s bumper or your best friend’s forehead. As the saying goes, “keep it simple”. The Feedback Sports Bottle Opener is the repair stand accessory that’s always a conversation starter. It securely mounts to any of our upright repair stands. And if there ever was an accessory that’ll surely make you the most popular bike mechanic at the trailhead or race, it is without a doubt, the Bottle Opener.


Out of stock

This product has been discontinued. This page exists for our lovely customers who already own it so they can still find reference materials.


  • Maximize your likeability and reputation at the trails and races
  • Saves teeth, spokes, skin and other innocent bystanders by providing a proper solution to opening a bottle
  • Precision machined, nickle-plated finish will last a lifetime
  • “Where’s my bottle opener?”….never again

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Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports Tools. Our award-winning repair stands are the benchmark for professional-grade bike repair stands and basic bike maintenance too. Their portability, stability, and durability make them the choice of industry veterans and home mechanics alike for bike tune-ups, bike washing and cleaning.

Add to this a Bottle Opener and suddenly you’re the coolest bike mechanic in the neighborhood or the races. When the drivetrains are dialed and the brakes are bled, Feedback Sports Repair Stands quickly fold into a compact unit and fits in a tote bag, along with a Flop Stop, Pro Truing Stand, and a Bottle Opener and boom, you’re ready for your next big bike trip.