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Of course you love your Omnium Trainer, but you’re left wondering how you could possibly love indoor cycling training even more. Easy, our non-slip and water-repellent (aka sweat) Floor Mat is designed to keep you safe and protect your floors while in your cycling cleats indoors. And because your cycling training plan asks for incredibly intense efforts, the Floor Mat can ensure firm contact with the ground and prevent movement during leg-busting intervals. Add a Sweat Guard to your indoor cycling collection and you’ve got a training party!



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  • Non-slip surface keep you safe while in cycling cleats
  • Protects floors from sweat and bike grime
  • Water-repellent surface does what it was designed to do – keep sweat off your floor
  • Compress-ability ensures trainer stays put during intense efforts
  • Easily rolls up for storage
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Absorbs noise and vibration
  • Enhances overall stability of any indoor trainer setup
  • 4mm (5/32″) thickness is optimal balance of support and storage

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Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports products, and the Floor Mat certainly fits in our durable portfolio.

Complimenting our award-winning Omnium Trainer series, the Floor Mat is a cycling accessory that encapsulates the marginal gains category – you don’t know you need it until you have it, and then you wonder how you could have lived without it. The Floor Mat helps absorb vibrations and noise, provides sure footing when in cycling cleats, protects your flooring during indoor training sessions and helps keep your trainer in place during the most intense indoor interval workouts.

Our Omnium Trainer series already make riding indoors more fun than any other trainer available – add a Floor Mat and a Sweat Guard and you’re ready to tackle the most difficult indoor bike trainer workout workout with a smile on your face.