Omnium Adapter – Lefty

[Trainer Accessory - Cannondale Lefty]

Part #17432

You’re the cyclist that doesn’t allow proprietary components put limitations on your love of the bike. Armed with a Cannondale Lefty and a commitment to getting that workout in, this Omnium Bike Trainer fork adapter accommodates the unique fork dropout standard of Cannondale proprietary forks. Never miss a workout with the compact and portable Omnium Bike Trainer and matching fork adapters.


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  • Accommodates Cannondale Lefty fork standards
  • Bolts directly to Omnium Bike Trainers with existing hardware

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Precision, performance and innovation are words most often associated with Feedback Sports training products, and the Omnium Over-Drive Portable Bike Trainer truly exemplifies our reputation.

With its compact footprint and easy-on, easy-off fork mount design, there’s no need to dedicate your entire living space to your indoor cycling training. And when you’re ready to hit the road for a work trip, vacation or A-priority race, stick it in the included travel tote and put it in the trunk or over-head compartment – that’s right, it’s even airline approved. Plus, at a whopping 14lbs (6.35kg), even cyclists won’t complain about carrying it.

Welcome to the world of the Omnium Over-Drive: never miss a day of training, never compromise on real cycling feel, never struggle removing a rear wheel again and ride whatever bike you choose, without hassle.