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Because you love your bicycles, and you care about the visual cues of your living space, you need an elegant, non-permanent and stable bike storage solution. The Velo Cache is a timeless, high-quality, versatile bike storage idea. Soft rubber protects your bike’s finish, making the Velo Cache the best solution for expensive road, cyclocross, mountain and electric bikes. And if you have several bikes, its modular design supports up to 4 bikes. Add the Velo Cache Storage Basket to keep extra cycling equipment in its place.


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  • Ideal bicycle storage for the sophisticated eye
  • Soft rubber contact points protect glossy, matte and naked frame finishes
  • Storage system adjusts to fit most any road bike, cyclocross bike, mountain bike, or electric bike
  • 3-leg design for 2 bikes (additional 4th leg and cradle arms optional for up to 4 bikes)
  • Frame cradles accommodate most any frame tube shape
  • Innovative design requires no external support for stability
  • Modular cradle and basket attachments create space for up to 4 bikes and cycling equipment
  • Awesome bike parking solution for even the heaviest of bikes – 40lbs (18kg) per cradle – 160lb (73kg) total
  • Durable anodized aluminum maintains a long-term clean finish
  • Available in black or silver

Manuals & Videos

VELO-split assembly-INT

Velo Cache Assembly Instructions


  1. Eric Johnson

    This is an easy to assemble well built and attractive freestanding unit. I use one in my foyer for my race bikes which do not live in the garage, so attractive appearance is a must for the wife acceptance factor. The overall look is reminiscent of the Ultimate Support Apex series keyboard stands introduced in the 1980s (which is a Good Thing).

  2. Constantinos

    Fantastic display for racing bikes. I ended up bying two for my classic racing bikes as well. Great fan of feedback sports.

  3. Chris

    I’ve owned 5 different indoor storage racks from MEC branded ones, to IKEA to Minoura to to GearUp and none them as sturdy as this Velo Cache! Feedback Velo Cache offers a modern look and is rock solid. Not cheap, but not the most costly either. More secure than the floor to ceiling tension racks from my experience as those type do require periodic tightening due to ceiling height changes from temperature changes (expansion and contraction of building materials). With this free-standing Velo Cache, it’s not prone to those changes.

  4. Kathleen Fetterly

    Once assembled, great! I have one steel Japanese bike and one new carbon fiber bike. They are safely in my apartment and off the floor! I can see them everyday and they look great. This rack brings function and presentation together nicely. I purchased the silver color. It is nice how the rack will stand on it’s own and tucks nicely along the wall .

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Innovation, elegance and timeless are words most often associated with Feedback Sports storage products, and the Velo Cache is one of our longest standing products.

We’re all looking for elegant display and bike storage ideas. The Velo Cache is an innovative indoor bike holder for apartments, homes, garage storage, and bicycle retail. Its stable, free-standing design is stable and secure storage for even the most expensive road, mountain, cyclocross and electric bikes.

And when aesthetics matter, the Velo Cache is tops with it’s elegant lines and functional and adjustable bike storage design. When you’re not riding or racing, have a rest day on us and show your bike just how much you love it by giving it a proper display and storage spot.