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Love training when you travel? Need an awesome warm-up and cool-down during weekends at the races? Want to crush that indoor bike trainer workout in a small living space? Meet the Omnium Over-Drive Portable Bike Trainer. The adaptable fork-mount design keeps the rear wheel on the bike and offers the most dynamic ride quality of any stationary bike trainer available via LIVE RIDE Technology. Plus the precision rollers and internal progressive resistance design is so quiet you’ll never disrupt the neighbors. When you’re finished, the elegant folding design hides it in its padded travel bag like it was never there. Add a Trainer Mat and you’re armed with the complete training package.


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  • LIVE RIDE Technology delivers a dynamic, realistic riding experience for comfort and performance
  • Patented, Internal Progressive Resistance via friction-less Eddy Current
  • Parabolic, progressive resistance curve accurately simulates outdoor cycling (rolling + wind resistance)
  • Adaptable fork-mount and adjustable sled design (16”-29” wheels; Thru-Axle and QR compatible)
  • Fork mount provides ample clearance for postmount and flatmount disc brake systems
  • Lightweight design for a complete bike trainer system – 14lb (6.35kg)
  • Precision machined 4.25” aluminum rollers create a smooth and quiet ride
  • Included fork adapters:
    • 9mm Quick-Release
    • Thru Axle: 12×100mm, 15×100mm & 15×110mm
  • Available fork adapters:
  • Adaptable to virtually any bike size and geometry
  • Optional Sled Extension for bikes with longer wheelbase
  • Maintenance-free resistance unit and roller bearings
  • Includes heavy-duty travel bag for easy transport and storage
  • Compatible with cycling apps: Zwift, The Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, Rouvy Virtual Power, vPower and Kinomap traditional trainer features*
  • 225lb (102kg) weight limit
  • Patent number: 9,393,475
*Requires ANT+ or Bluetooth rear wheel speed sensor

Manuals & Videos

Omnium Setup Video

Omnium User Manual

Omnium FAQ

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Omnium Bike Trainer Axle Adapter Setup

Omnium Sled Compatibility

Omnium Sled Extension - Metric

Omnium Sled Extension - Imperial

Omnium Portable Trainer Manual

16 reviews for Omnium Over-Drive Bike Trainer

  1. Michael

    After testing the Omnium at the US Pro Challenge and Cx Vegas for Team Drapac, the Feedback trainer is pretty ideal from a Pro-mechanic/support side of things. We are used to moving heavy trainers back and forth almost every day, so the riders can warm up. The Omnium is stable, quiet, and super light weight (you can carry them on an airplane). We are definitely looking forward to using these trainers for 2016.

  2. George B.

    George tested and purchased an Omnium at Cyclocross Nationals in Asheville and has this to say: “The Omnium has been great to work with; it’s really a great product. And it really hits the mark for portability.”

    -George B,
    Davidson, NC

  3. Chris A.

    Chris was another Cx Nats racer who loved and bought an Omnium on the spot. “I’ve been using this as my regular trainer for my road bike as well as my folding bike. I just received the tote bag for the trainer. I look forward to being able to take it with me on trips now.”

    -Chris A,
    Chesapeake, VA

  4. Tracy M.

    “We love the Omnium! It’s perfect for standing uphill simulated sprints on the BMX bike as well as pedal manualing. This changes everything. When it’s too dark, to wet, too…whatever, we can still get our training in with the Omnium. We like to call it “The Feedback Omnium Sprint Excuse Eliminator“!

    -Tracy M. (Hyper Body Armor BMX), Hawaii

  5. Aaron

    We use this trainer for bike fitting in our shop and it’s awesome- it holds any bike, provides a stable, quiet platform from which to work and folds up under the counter when not in use.

  6. David Bettridge (verified owner)

    Perfect for warming up before a race. I used this throughout my 2016 cyclocross season and it really made a big difference over trying to warm-up on the course or on the road. The interchangeable front axle system allows it to be used with thru-axles and skewers.

  7. ishvytov (verified owner)

    Great trainer for race warmups, cooldowns and just workouts in general. Crazy portable and light. My travel to races became way easier with my whole family because it is such a compact design.

  8. NickR

    A very well engineered trainer, assembled/disassembled in 30s and rock solid. Way better experience than rollers/turbo trainers in terms of how realistic the ride is, climbing, sprinting or just pounding away have a real road feel. Highly recommended and worth every penny.

  9. Sam (verified owner)

    I travel a lot and this trainer is so easier to bring with me. It really helps me get my training sessions in while I’m out of town and I can do all of my road workouts on this trainer so I never have to adjust my training plan. I would definitely recommend this trainer!

  10. Dylan Postier (verified owner)

    I am never a fan of riding stationary but there is no other way I would choose to warm up for any of our UCI cyclocross races than on the over-drive. it is guaranteed that I am getting the exact same warm up every single day. The resistance is great enough that I can easily do any efforts that I need to do before hopping off and heading to the line.

  11. Michael van den Ham

    I can’t even remember how we warmed up for races before these existed. Actually, I don’t think I did …. seems weird to say, but something as simple as these portable rollers has totally changed how I’ve been preparing for races in a good way. Just the ease of being able to carry them wherever I go and always have the opportunity to get in that proper warmup has been such a big difference.

    Mine are now 3 years old and working as good as the day I got them!

  12. Bridget Tooley

    The Omnium is by far the best stationary trainer I’ve ever used! It’s very stable and easy to quickly get my bike on and off. The portability makes it easy to take anywhere, and it’s great on all types of terrain which is perfect for your race-day warmup.

  13. Breakaway Cycling Team (verified owner)

    We have used this trainer for over a year now and it is still amazing. Traveling and racing with teams requires lots of stuff. This has made life easier as it is so transportable. It also gives a great warm-up prerace and cool down post-race. I (the director sportif) use it as my indoor personal trainer as well. Not sure what we would do without these in our team equipment stash.

  14. Daisy

    Setting up couldn’t be easier. Have only briefly tried it a couple of times, about an hour in total, to check it’s possible to set it up for all our bikes. (Unlike other reviewers, we aren’t cyclocross racers; we decided to get one as an easily packed-away, main home trainer for life during lockdown in France, where we’re only allowed to go out in a 1km radius from our house).

    It seems to us that there’s an inherent design problem with the rollers – for some reason they have very fine, almost sharp, ridges and grooves that run around each roller in the direction of travel. With the “natural pedalling motion” – (the rear wheel swings from side to side, which does feel agreeable) – the tyre is basically passing from side to side across these grooves. The effect is as if the tyres are being sanded off.

    Half an hour’s ride on my usual road tyre has left a thick black powder on the running surface, so much so that the tyre leaves black marks across our wooden floors wherever the wheel touches down. The running surface of the tyre has been seriously flattened off: the rollers have visibly worn the tyre, compared to the front tyre.

    For reference, I use Vredestein Fortezza Sensos, which are particularly hard-wearing, so not a soft, sticky racing compound. I’m really not sure what the ridges in the rollers are supposed to achieve, but I can see we’re going to have to buy special tyres to use with these rollers; an additional expense we hadn’t factored in, for rollers that aren’t exactly budget priced in the first place. Hopefully in a future iteration the ridges will be removed.

    • Feedback Sports

      HI Daisy – glad you found setup easy! That was definitely a design priority. The drums are precision machined, as are any high-quality roller or wheel-on trainer. With your particular tire, the wear you speak of is an artifact of it being a soft, all-season tire. The combination of a sticky rubber and a light tread pattern means you might have tire wear. We do recommend a harder traditional tire – and if you’ll be riding it lots in the winter, a trainer tire never hurt. Thanks for your honest review!

  15. Josh Ollar

    I love this trainer! Someone recommended getting a trainer for the winter so I wouldn’t miss too many workouts and I decided on this one after a little research. The main reason I chose this one is the relative ease of use and people had mentioned that the little bit of play on the back wheel makes it feel like you are really riding on the road. I believe all of this to be true. The trainer is super easy to set up, feels very solid when you are on it and the progressive resistance is no joke! You can work as hard as you want on this. And yes, it is easy to pack and move around and travel with, although I don’t do that, its just set up as my indoor trainer and I couldn’t be happier.

  16. Merle

    I’ve had mine for a few years now and love it. It’s super simple to use and works with Zwift, the pre loaded workouts on my ELEMNT bike computer, or just freeform spinning. Zwift picks up power reading from my bike’s power meter so no need for fancy electronic trainers or calibration spin downs etc. We’ve carried it along in its compact bag while traveling and used it in motel rooms, parking lots, friends’ garages etc. I have also used it for bike fitting, installing new bar tape, cables etc. Buy this trainer and you will have no regrets.

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Precision, performance and innovation are words most often associated with Feedback Sports training products, and the Omnium Over-Drive Portable Bike Trainer truly exemplifies our reputation.

With its compact footprint and easy-on, easy-off fork mount design, there’s no need to dedicate your entire living space to your indoor cycling training. And when you’re ready to hit the road for a work trip, vacation or A-priority race, stick it in the included travel bag and put it in the trunk or over-head compartment – that’s right, it’s even airline approved. Plus, at a whopping 14lbs (6.35kg), even cyclists won’t complain about carrying it.

Welcome to the world of the Omnium Over-Drive: never miss a day of training, never compromise on real cycling feel, never struggle removing a rear wheel again and ride whatever bike you choose, without hassle.