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The Team Edition Portable Tool Kit is the ultimate field and home service partner for the most discerning bike mechanics. Developed with input from Tour de France, Enduro World Cup and World Cup Downhill mechanics, the ultralight and compact footprint offers 25 of the most common bike repair and maintenance features – from 19 bicycle-specific tools. Housed in a TPU-coated case designed to hang from any of our repair stands, this beautiful tool collection is protected from water, grease and abrasion. Its compact design means you’ll always bring it with you, wherever you’re riding today.

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  • 25 functions from 19 professional grade bicycle-specific tools
  • Ergonomic, overmolded file tread grips for precision, comfort and style
  • External attachment and internal support structure for mounting on Feedback Sports work stands
  • TPU-coated travel case is abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, resistant to greases and oils – built to last
  • Organizational elastic banding keeps everything in it’s place and offers space for additional tools
  • Allen Wrenches – 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6mm
  • 8 &10mm L-handle Allen Wrenches
  • Magnetic-Tipped Screwdrivers – Flathead 6mm; Phillips #2 and #0
  • Shimano Crank Cap Tool
  • 15mm Pedal Wrench
  • 15mm Bolt-on Axle Nut Tool
  • Steel Core Tire Levers (2)
  • Spoke Multi-Wrench
  • Valve Extender Wrench
  • Valve Core Tools – Schrader and Presta
  • Rotor Truing Tools
  • Precision Chain Pin Press
  • Cassette and Disc Brake Rotor Lockring Wrench
  • Cassette Pliers
  • Cable Cutter and Cable Crimper
  • And several more…
  • At 9.8lbs (4.5kg), hitting the road with this tool kit is never in question
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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  1. Eric Davis (verified owner)

    I took this toolkit to Moab for a two week trip, with a three day stage race (Moab Rocks) sandwiched in the middle. Six bikes in our group and every repair and adjustment during the two weeks was covered by the tools in the Team Edition tool kit. Great selection of tool!

  2. Ray (verified owner)

    I grew up in an auto shop and I am the son of an Indy Car mechanic. I maintain a fleet of 8 bikes for my wife and I. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the quality, precision, fit, and thoughtfulness of your tools. I am talking “snap-on” quality without the ridiculous price tag. I am 100% sold on your products and will be a customer for life. I LOVE USING THESE TOOLS. I look forward to the next innovative ideas that just make sense!! I will absolutely recommend your product to all my friends. Keep up the good work and thank you for supporting grassroots biking efforts like Bike to Work Day!!

  3. Neil

    I am not usually one to buy a tool “kit” as I always learned to buy what you need as you need it. But I am older and less patient and wanted a geed starting point to work on my and my family’s bikes. This is perfect. I will still buy more tools as I need them but this is the best starting point I found after a LOT of research. Also, I had an issue with a product that wasn’t their fault and they stepped up and took care of it. This is huge to me, so many companies leave you high and dry after the purchase, these guys stepped up big time and have earned a life long customer and advocate. Thanks guys! Ride on!

  4. Patrick (verified owner)

    After working in a bike shop for about a year, I was excited to get my personal tool bench together. I decided on the Team Edition because it offered a rather complete set to get me started, and I’m writing this review is about 3 months after purchase with average weekly usage. Honestly though, I’ve been a bit disappointed with the quality. First off, the tire levers are designed to nest into one another using a small tab on both end that inserts into the other tool. The tab on mine snapped off within a week of opening the kit, and now they do not hold together, which is a nuisance. Second thing to go was the cassette clamp/chain whip – the first time I opened it to use, the locking mechanism that keeps the clamp closed when not in use snapped right off – now they are perpetually open. My last gripe is the design of the chain tool. The tool is built with a little spring loaded clamp that is designed to keep the chain in the proper position, combined with a hole to allow space for the pin to push out – only problem is it makes it nearly impossible to use the tool. It works fine if you are pushing a chain pin completely out, but if you wish to push a pin part way out, separate/reattach the links, then push the pin back in you will be frustrated. The pin gets stuck in the hole in the tool, and the spring loaded clamp pins it down and does not allow you to pull the link up enough to get it out. I’m at the point where I’m going to buy another company’s chain tool, just so I don’t have to deal with this design anymore.

    • Feedback Sports

      Hi Patrick – thanks for the honest review. We’d love to replace your tire levers and cassette pliers, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] – they’ll get you taken care of quickly. As for the Chain Pin Press, you’re correct, using it the way you’ve described will not work and this is a purposeful design. Unlike other chain tools, our pin press provides 360-degree coverage on the back plate to promote direct pressing, preventing unwanted torsional forces that can damage narrow chains. That said, it’s not our place to tell you how to service your chains but we encourage you reach out to other mechanics in your area about pushing pins halfway in or out.

  5. Dylan Postier (verified owner)

    This is my favorite kit. I use it in the garage and take it with me to all the local races. I put velcro on the wall and remove the three way and t-handle pouch to open up even more room on the work bench if I am not hanging it on the stand. Our mechanics also use the kit every weekend at our UCI races in the pits. It has all the necessities to get you by in a pinch.

    There is also plenty of room to add in some extras such as electrical tape, derailleur hangers, etc. if you need to carry more supplies with you and don’t want to have another thing to carry.

  6. Michael van den Ham

    Everything I need to bring to a race in one tidy little package!

    I got this intending to use it as a race only kit, but the tools are so nice that it seems to be taking the place of my day to day tools as well. The real winner of the kit (in my opinion) is the chain whip tool (that is way way better than a chain whip). It makes what used to be the annoying task of removing a cassette incredibly easy.

    Overall, really nicely machine tools and the perfect on the road (or at home) kit.

  7. Avery

    This toolkit is great! It comes with all the basic tools you’ll need to fix your bike. The case is durable waterproof and easily portable, will fit in most backpacks. The chrome finish on the pedal wrench, cassette tool, rotor bender and chain breaker are a nice touch. I have spent some quality time working on bikes with this toolkit and whether your are in the pits or at home this toolkit has got your covered!

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Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports tools, and the Team Edition Portable Tool Kit mirrors our reputation.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro team tech or the go-to ‘local bike shop’, the Team Edition is the standard for professional-grade bicycle tools. It’s portability, durability and high-end finish make it the obvious choice of tool aficionados around the world. With it’s impressive range of functions, being the master of your technical domain is easy – drivetrains, brakes, bearings, wheels, and frame fittings are all within scope. Maximize your effectiveness as a technical specialist with the Team Edition.

And when the drivetrains are dialed and the wheels are true, the Team Edition folds into a compact unit, ready for your next cycling adventure. Streamline bicycle maintenance with the finest professional grade, bike-specific tool kit available.